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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

science technology news in uk-20/12/2011

 border=1nd has beAndroids Facebook App Overtakes IPhones For First Time Facebook for Android has more daily active users than its iPhone counterpart for the first time.The..Read..

border=1The Guar, fileBT Sues Google Over Android BT is sueing Google over claims the Android operating system infringes its patents. Photograph Peter MacdiarmidGetty..Read..

border=1Moneym SanAdobe Updates Android Flash Player To 11.1, Adds ICS Support Adobe has gone ahead and made one final, major update for Android devices. The latest version..Read..

  •  Self-cleaning Cotton Nanoparticle Coating Invented
  •  Google Reveals Zeitgeist Survey Of Top Web Searches For 2011
  •  Britons Drunk In Three Quarters Of Facebook Photos
  •  Google Crowns Royal Wedding As Fastest-rising UK Search Of 2011
  •  Internet Explorer: Microsoft Plans Silent Updates
  •  Google Donates 550000 To Bletchley Park Restoration Fund
  •  Higgs Boson: First Hard Evidence Of God Particle Found By CERN
  •  Pigeons Could Influence The Design Of Surveillance Drones

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