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Friday, 17 February 2012

Hey, Youve Got To Hide Your Drug Away

border=1TIME Hey, Youve got to hide your drug awayThe IndependentPaul McCartney has given up smoking dope. Simon Usborne charts a career of highs and lows To some, February is the month of lurrrve, to others its the month of rain, snow and flu, but for u... There is a disease whose incidenc
   Hold the filters, pack away the rolling paper and stash the hash; Paul McCartney, the Beatle, bottom kisser (see his latest album) and self-confessed pothead, has quit smoking cannabis for the sake of his youngest daughter.Sir Paul, wholl turn 70 in June, revealed in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine that a sense of responsibility had struck in the course of raising Beatrice, 8, who... Read... Hey, Youve Got To Hide Your Drug Away

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